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What We Do

From Design to Delivery, We Do it All.

We don’t just produce a wide range of products, bespoke panel facades, fabrications, louvres and soffits from ACM, aluminium, steel, copper, zinc, stainless and corten steel, among other metals.

And we don’t just produce them for iconic tourism sites, car showrooms, airports, sports stadiums, hospitals, universities and government buildings.

We also go further and do more to take care of every detail.

So you benefit from a complete, end-to-end service that is also innovative and bespoke. 

Because we’ve been innovative from the outset, we’ve earned our engineering pedigree, consistently evolving manufacturing techniques to produce the best products possible. 

So today we have an international reputation and our manufacturing expertise has and continues to attract unique projects from all over the globe.  

Above all else, we are ‘people people’ who put integrity and performance at the heart of every project. 

Ask us how we can help to deliver your design.