Ulster Independent Clinic

In 2017 MSM Contracts completed a major extension and refurbishment of the outpatient facilities at the UIC Strandmillis Rd. campus. The Architect was Turkington Magowan Partnership. This project required two different colours of RF50-FR design. The flat elevations had landscape orientation and were polyester powder coated with a metallic silver finish. The other part, a rotunda required a curved elevation. Albeit possible to curve our RF50-FR cassette panels in a horizontal orientation, a combination of narrow vertical floor-to-floor panels allowed faceting which when viewed produced an illusion of a smooth curve, the contrasting dark grey colour contributed to this. The Spanwall RF50-FR Rainscreen cladding system was installed by Roofscape.




Belfast, Northern Ireland


Roofscape /Turkington Magowan Partnership


MSM Contracts